"This is the dawning of a new era. A New Apocalypse is about to arise, and I shall rule as it's King... with Taylor sitting at my side as my Queen." —Ryan plans a New Apocalypse
U-Virus Lee Stage 1

G-Birkin rip-off, only U-Ryan is tougher... and smarter.


Ryan Lee was a Survivor of the Zombie Apocalypse before he became infected with the experimental U-Virus being created by the Umbrella Corporation. The U-Virus enhanced Ryan's abilities, giving him superhuman strength and super-speed. He didn't have long to enjoy his newfound abilities, as he was soon bitten by an Undead, and infected by the Zombie Apocalypse. Despite Daryl Dixon's insistance that he dismember his infected arm, Ryan refused. He succumbed to the infection later, only to transform into a very powerful mutant under the control of Albert Wesker. He killed Chris Redfield at his orders; and escaped, having been reminded of his former self by Ashleigh Yzerman. He killed several Umbrella operatives and confronted Albert Wesker, whom he easily beat into submission. Jacob stopped him from killing Wesker, as he wanted to do it himself. Ryan agreed, allowing Jacob to kill Wesker. Ryan later discovered he could spread his own infected mutation to others, and thus the idea to create a new Apocalypse and rule over it as the King came to mind, and he transformed his girlfriend, Taylor Williamson into a mutated monster like himself — creating a Queen to rule the New Apocalypse Era at his side.

"U-Virus" Infection — "Zombie" InfectionEdit

While attempting to recover a sample of the experimental U-Virus from the Umbrella Corporation's headquaters, Ryan Lee was jumped by Albert Wesker and injected with the experimental virus. Ryan succumbed to the injection and seemingly perished, much to Jacob's dismay. Jacb went after Wesker, and Ryan soon recovered. He engaged in battle with the Nemesis, having recieved superhuman strength and speed, even so much as managing to kill the Nemesis for good. Jacob knew that this would mean Wesker would have control over Ryan; however it was proven incorrect, as Ryan remained himself for quite some time. Unfortunately, in a barricaded room in the hotel he was staying at with a few other survivors, he was jumped and attacked by a reanimated Merle Dixon, whom he killed sometime after. He admitted his being infected to Taylor, Ashleigh, Claire and Daryl. Despite this; he managed to convince them to come with him to help Claire find her missing brother.

In an old warehouse, he started to succumb to the Zombie Infection. Daryl initially planned to dismember the infected limp, but Ryan declined, intending to meet his maker like a brave man. Upon reaching the warehouse roof to escape the Undead trying to break in, Ryan succumbed to the infection, and it was soon apparent that he was only mutating. The U-Virus combined with the regular Zombie Plague seemed to trigger a mutation. Ryan transformed into a monster and killed Chris Redfield mere minutes after he landed and after he was shot by his friends. He spread the infection to Chris and proceeded to attack the others, only for Ashleigh to remind him who he was.

Infuriated, he went to Umbrella to confront Wesker, killing thirty Umbrella Operatives and storming Wesker's office. After a brief battle, the U-Ryan beat Wesker into submission and proceeded to finish him off; only for Jacob to prevent him from doing so. Jacob wanted payback, and Ryan was all too happy to comply. Jacob soon commented that Ryan was free from Wesker's control and had full control over the mutation; made apparent to the mutated Chris Redfield worshipping him and following his command. Claire tried to kill Ryan for what he'd done, but she was unable to, pleading to be killed. Jacob watched in horror as Ryan did as requested, spreading his own mutation to Claire.
U-Ryan getting some Payback on Umbrella

Down with Umbrella!

U-Virus Taylor Williamson

Looks a lot like Symbiote Black Cat from Web of Shadows doesn't it? That's the point.

Upon returning to the warehouse, he and his two minions reached the roof and Ryan ordered the mutated Claire and Chris to attack Ashleigh, who pleaded helplessly for Jacob, while Ryan proceeded to transform Taylor Williamson, his girlfriend, into a mutant like himself, but far intelligent and beautiful, making her his Queen. He decided to spread this new mutation across Earth — infecting both human and Undead — starting with Ashleigh. While attempting to infect her, he was shot by a sniper and Ashleigh was given cover to escape. Ryan and his Queen, along with his two first mutated serveants, fled into the distance, taking refuge in an underground cavern.

The Dawning of a New ApocalypseEdit

At Fort Langley, a terrible onslaught is happening. Civilians and other Survivors are transforming into mutated creatures, combined with both the U-Virus and the Zombie Infection. Zombies that happen to be around are also caught and transformed into mutant creatures. Ryan Lee attacks Fort Langley's leader, pinning him against the wall and draining his blood while injecting him with his mutation. Taylor Williamson leads the attack on the rest of the Survivors, and personally pursues those who attempt to escape the fort. She infects three soldiers and two zombies in the midst of the chaos, and Ryan emerges, having completely drained the fort's leader's blood and transforming him into a hideous beast to serve as a lieutenant. Fort Langley is overrun by Ryan's mutant forces and seized in his stead. Taylor Williamson urges him to take action; and Ryan says they cannot proceed without means of materializing. Jacob, having been witnessing the first chaos that ensued, has become a threat. With her convincing, Ryan launches a new attack — this one on the nearby towns of Langley & Surrey. There they encounter heavily fortified bases and armed Survivors, all of them overwhelming the legions of the Undead. Taylor Williamson catches and mutates one of them, and Ryan orders two of his mutants to attack the front doors of one of the fortified buildings. The mutants get in and overwhelm the armed Survivors, mutating them. Ryan sights an Umbrella helicopter circling overhead and jumps on it, growling, when he recognizes Albert Wesker. Wesker knocks him from the plane and congratulates him on a new world order. Snarling, Ryan vows to finish what Jacob failed to finish, and secretly intends to transform Albert Wesker into a member of his ever growing army.
U-Virus Mutants

These U-Virus Mutants are not pleasant to look at, are they?

U-Infected Fort Langley Leader

THIS guy was the leader of Fort Langley?

After the attacks, Ryan and Taylor accept the worship from their mutant slaves. Two of the creatures bring forth a Survivor who managed to hide during the chaos. Ryan grabs the Survivor and drains him of his blood completely, and tosses his limp form to the ground, claiming that he is not worthy of joining their army. Taylor Williamson wraps her arms around Ryan and asks him what he desires, and Ryan states: "I never believed in conquering the world. Hahh. I was a fool. Let this world know what true conquest is." As he spreads his arms in the air, the mutant creatures bow down and worship him.

Second MutationEdit

It wasn't until about a month later that Jacob infiltrated Fort Langley in search of Ryan. He had made a solemn vow to Ashleigh that he would stop whatever dark plan U-Ryan had in store for the Earth. He managed to evade most of the mutants, and engaging in a brief fight with the U-Infected former leader of Fort Langley. Upon questioning him, Jacob discovered Ryan's location and proceeded to track him. However, he was detected by U-Taylor Williamson, who brought this news to U-Ryan. Jacob planted detonators and waited in one of the corridors, and was jumped by the U-Mutants. He managed to beat them back, and from behind, the detonators went off. At first, Jacob thought he'd stopped U-Ryan, but then the mutant creature that he had trusted so long ago advanced through the smoke, not even the least bit damaged from the detonation.
Jacob vs U-Ryan

Break my faith, I'll break your face!

Jacob fought bravely against U-Ryan, being pursued throughout Fort Langley by the King of the U-Virus Mutants. Eventually, they squared off in the underground caverns, during which U-Ryan gained the upper hand, setting vicious Mutants upon Jacob and beating him into submission, in which U-Ryan proceeded to grab his old friend and inject him with the U-Virus. However, Jacob was not willing to become a mutant, and made this clear by jamming a grenade up U-Ryan's throat. U-Ryan screeched in fury and swung a steel beam of Jacob, sending him crashing through a window. U-Ryan followed suit and raised the steel beam to finish off Jacob once and for all... but fortunately for Jacob... the grenade went off, blowing U-Ryan up from the inside.

Having watched through a security feed, U-Taylor was enraged, and was preparing to go down and make Jacob pay for killing her true love, but before she could even make her move to go and get payback on her old friend for his treachery, U-Ryan emerged from the debris, having mutated
U-Virus Lee Stage 2

Stage 2 mutations are always more powerful... how charming

from his first form, and viciously enraged with Jacob. He let out a screech of fury and chased after Jacob, hunting him through the caverns until Jacob managed to escape in a helicopter. U-Ryan attempted to send his mutants after him, but U-Taylor convinced him that they could wait to hunt down Jacob... as now U-Ryan was stronger and more powerful than ever, thanks to the unfortunate luck of Jacob.

A Way to Achieve Revenge DiscoveredEdit

New York City Outbreak

The Mutant Virus is even worse than the Zombie Apocalypse

One of the more tragic events of U-Ryan's rampage was the M-Virus Outbreak in New York City. Ashleigh Yzerman happened to be searching New York City for a friend when U-Ryan decided to test out his new experimental M-Virus — which turned regular people and Undead into Mutants — which in turn would become his slaves. The M-Virus worked all too well, turning the city's living and Undead population into Mutants. Ashleigh managed to just barely avoid the gas and was forced to take refuge in the Mutant Creature-infested city. She used her cell to contact Jacob, who came to Manhattan to rescue her. U-Taylor arrived in the city and stalked the streets, occassionally attempting to kill Jacob; but failing. Just as Jacob finds where Ashleigh is hidden, U-Taylor attacks him, knocking him into the subway.

It is revealed that the subway is infested with Mutants. It also becomes apparent that U-Ryan had journeyed to New York to finish something. U-Ryan wasted no time in using whatever was around to beat back Jacob, and ordered him surrender himself and his girlfriend to him immediately. Jacob declined, escaping the subway. U-Ryan ordered all Mutants to seek and destroy the humans known as Jacob and Ashleigh. U-Ryan succeeded at finding Ashleigh and grabbed her, vowing to finish what he started. Jacob arrived to free her, and U-Ryan threatened to kill her if he continued to resist. Ashleigh begged Ryan for mercy, and U-Ryan ignored her pleas, demanding they both surrender and accept his rule.

However, Jacob had other plans. He managed to distract U-Ryan and knock him through a window, catching Ashleigh and escaping via helicopter. U-Ryan was infuriated, but he laughed, now knowing that Jacob had a weakness. He could get to Jacob by harming Ashleigh.

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